What’s the “blog” page for?

Well, let me tell you. It is a place where I can be totally non-committal. I don’t want to feel obligated to post something simply for posting’s sake. It is a place where all 3 of my personas will participate. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments!

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A challenge to EVERYONE! – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I challenge EVERYONE to ENJOY LIFE and HAVE FUN!!!

If you are able, please go to www.alsa.org/donate. Thanks!

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Jumpin’ rope!

A family that jumps rope together…
Growing up, my sister referred to our family as “The Fun Family” on our answering machine. We have always been a family that loves to play together. Sunday, we lived up to the name when we grabbed a rope and all started jumping in my parents driveway after dinner. It was an absolute blast! At one point, we even had 4 generations jumping at once.


DSC_0701 DSC_0710 DSC_0712 DSC_0716 DSC_0721 DSC_0724 DSC_0731 DSC_0735DSC_0694



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The Wrights

I was excited when the Wrights called me up and told me they would be in town for a few weeks and wanted to snag some photos. We used to live in the same apartment complex and now Steve is back killing it at Duke Law. Thanks for letting me capture some shots

1 2 6 5 4 3

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DesNews Half – race report

one of my favorite medals I have seen lately. one might call it a “classic.”

“It is a blustery day out there ladies and gents. Oh, did we mention it is scalding hot too? Well, it is. Enjoy!”

1:21.54 – 21/866 – 4th in age.
B performance with A effort. I was really hoping for sub-1:20, but feel good about my effort considering the conditions. I am happy with the PR too.

John picked me up from Liberty Park at about 4:25 and we headed up to the stadium to catch our bus. John mentioned that his back was already sweating on the bus ride up. It was going to be a warm one, but we knew that going in. After resting for a bit, John and I did about a mile or so warmup up the canyon. The wind was blowing pretty hard in our faces as we were heading up. We stopped to turn around and chatted about how the headwind could be pretty strong and if so we would have to adjust our goal.

We met up with Jeff and Angie at the start who were also shooting for sub-1:20. Angie said she was going to try and conserve a little energy and Jeff was hoping for sub-6:00s in the canyon like John and I. We were off and the first 2 miles felt easy. 5:49 and 5:58. During mile 3 we had some gusts of wind and every right turn they seemed to get stronger for the next several miles. John, Jeff, and I didn’t say anything to eachother, but I think we all had the same thought simultaneously that we needed to maintain effort, but not try and fight the wind. This resulted in slower miles than we had hoped, but it was the smart decision, I think. 6:006:076:17 (that one was hard to see this early), 6:12.

We kept plugging away together until we made it out of the canyon. At this point I was showing a 6:06 average. I still had hopes for something close to 1:20, but knew it would be tough. At the aid station near the zoo, Jeff pulled away and John fell back a bit. I was happy to see mile 7 come in at 6:05. I had planned on slowing for mile 8 across Foothill and then hoped to drop back down when it banked left by the stadium. I was tiring at this point, but it was not horrible. 6:20. Ok, that is tolerable, now just one more slower mile across 13th and then I can pick it back up down South Temple. 6:15.

I hit South Temple and the legs didn’t come back as planned. For a bit, I entered survival mode. I could still see Jeff up ahead and it seemed like I was gaining on him just a bit. I knew I could keep him in sight and just keep plugging away. The two miles comprising mostly South Temple came in at 6:27 and 6:35. Made the turn on 200 East and saw that Jeff was a little closer. I also had a kid in a bright yellow singlet only about 5 seconds up. I committed to maintaining that gap and trying to close it near the end. 6:21. As I looked up to the final aid station on 200 East I saw Jeff walk through it. I passed the kid in yellow and then caught up to Jeff after making the final turn onto 900 South. 6:43. We ran together for about 100 feet and then a younger kid passed us and Jeff told me to chase him down. I honestly thought I didn’t have it in me. I hesitated for a few seconds and then went for it. I eased onto the effort and he was still 15 ft. up when I hit 500 East. I started my kick and passed him right before the finish. 0:41

So, all in all I am happy. I don’t want to blame the wind for anything. It is just part of racing. It really was a strong headwind at times and I think most experienced it. I am stoked with an almost 2 min PR on what I believe to be a tougher course than Timp. Big thanks to Josh for running with me often and helping me push myself lately. It is paying off. Now time to focus my training on St. George where I have a goal of sub-2:50.


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Murray Fun Days 5k – race report

Murray Fun Days 5k – 17:59 – 1st in age group

I had 3 goals going into this race. “C” goal was to beat my time last year which was 19:25. “B” goal was sub-19. “A” goal was in the 18:30s.

The course was short by everyone’s account, but regardless it was a good race for me.

I had told myself to run the first mile at 6:00 and then speed up for mile 2 and then hold on. Mile 1 felt good and I backed off a little half way through cause Hille and I were going a little too fast. Mile one was right at 6:00.

Hille and I made the turn back north and I pulled a few body lengths ahead of him. I figured he was right off my shoulder so I didn’t even look. Mile 2 felt alright. I wasn’t hurting yet and it came in at 5:50.

I tried to approach the hill smart and this is when I entered the pain cave. I tried to relax and was able to shake a few demons and refocus. I passed a few people on the hill and that boosted my confidence. By the top of the hill mile 3 average was in the 6:20s. I committed to not looking at my watch again and just running off of feel and getting this thing done. Mile 3 was 6:01 (which I am stoked about because last year I faded hard and ran a 6:28). When I got close to the end and looked up the clock read 17:51. I figured that had to be wrong but I gave it one last push to come in just under 18:00.

I don’t know where I came in overall (will update once results are posted) but am really happy with the first place age group. Hille finished about 10 seconds back and ran a great race.

Hope everyone enjoys their 4th! Whit gave me an American flag tank and I couldn’t think of a better race to wear it in.
photo (10)It was super fun to have Whit and the kids running the race as well. After I finished, I circled back and ran to the finish again with them. Whit is a rockstar for doing a 5k only 4 weeks after delivering Olive!

photo (9) photo (8)It is always a pleasure to run with John and Tyler! Though, I obviously missed the memo and should have had a white tank on for this photo.


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I need to write a post…

I will soon, I promise!

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Vigor Utah 5k – race report

IMG_20140510_0812342nd place overall – 18:16 – 5:54 average pace

Sure, the time was a PR for the 5k for me, but it was aided and poorly executed. I am glad I did it because it was a learning experience and that is the mode I am in right now, learning. I am happy with a second place finish, but recognize the field was not that fast. Golden Harper (altra founder) took first. He was hoping for sub-16 and ended up in the 16:30s I think.

I am not going to bother to put split times because I don’t know if my watch was working or what was going on. I went out too fast and slowed considerably. I have no excuses other than I couldn’t make it happen perfectly today, but below is the story of how it transpired.

I got to the race with plenty of time to grab all the runmehappy gear (tent, banner, chairs, etc) and walk them to the finish line where the booth would be. I warmed up just a little because I didn’t know how much time I would have after the bus dropped us off. Ended up that we had about 20 minutes at the start so I did my official warmup there. I walked up to the starting line at about 6:27 and there were cones setup but no timing strip. The one guy there said that it would be there soon and that we would start in about 5 to 10 minutes.

I turned and jogged up the canyon to keep moving. About 100 yards away, I hear a horn go off and look back to see runners starting. I cruised it to the start and asked the guy what happened. He told me that he got a call that simply said, “Start in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” He explained that we were running off of the 10k start instead of waiting for the strip and our times would stop when we crossed the finishline strip. Ok, whatever.

For whatever reason when I saved my warmup session to my garmin, it lost satellite, or so it appeared. I stood there at the start and told the guy I was not starting until my watch was working and that I would just record my time. It seemed like it took forever so I finally just told him I was going to go. He said the race clock was at 3:31 and I told him to say go at 3:45 so he would know that is when I started.

I was obviously all alone at this point. I looked at my watch a few times and it was reading in the high 3:00s and then 4:00s. First mile was 4:54. Like I said, I have no idea if that is accurate, but it could have been. It was steep and I could tell I was going too fast, but just didn’t trust what my watch was saying.

I slowed considerably and didn’t feel great the last mile. I finished and after making it through the finish area I kneeled on the grass. A few minutes later I vomited once. That made me feel quite a bit better and within 5 minutes I was not really nauseated anymore.

So, there you have it. A few lessons learned.


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Grey is 2

My wife and I have a daughter named Grey. She is 2. And, she is BEAUTIFUL!

DSC_7731_insta DSC_7741_insta DSC_7743_insta DSC_7750_insta DSC_7759_insta DSC_7773_insta DSC_7791_insta

If you are interested in some photos, please contact me!

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Boston 2014 – race report!

under sign

I am going to post a write-up of all of the weekends events with more photos soon, but I wanted to get a race report up while it is still fresh.

I felt good when I got to sleep at about 9pm on Sunday. The Boston Marathon is a little unique in that it starts at 10am. I am typically used to earlier starts for races in Utah. I woke up at 5:30am, got dressed in all my layers, and headed down to the hotel restaurant for some food. I ate a couple pieces of toast with peanut butter and a banana (my typical race morning meal). It was early, for a 10am start, but I was hungry and needed some fuel. I walked over to the buses from the hotel and thought it was a little chilly but not bad. I had on a long sleeve button up shirt with my arm warmers underneath and my jersey with bib attached over the top. No, unfortunately I do not have a picture! I had not planned on wearing my Easter Sunday shirt to the race to toss to the side, but realized I had forgotten a sweatshirt to donate when it was too late to find a replacement.

I arrived at the athlete village at about 7:50. Shortly after I got there, they had a moment of silence in remembrance of last year’s tragedy. It was incredible to witness roughly 20,000 runners and volunteers stop what they were doing and go silent. This was the first of many amazing moments of the day. I met up with Josh and we sat down and relaxed with Kevin and a couple others that were with him. I continued to drink and eat a little and was feeling great. I had contemplated starting the run wearing my arm warmers and beanie, but by the time we lined up I had shed everything and felt plenty warm. I am used to feeling a little chilly at the beginning of races in Utah so it was different to feel fine before beginning to run. note-this should have been my first sign that the heat of the day was going to affect me.

After we lined up in our corrals, the National Anthem was sung and 4 military choppers flew over. The race director announced the elite field of men and then he paused for a second and said, “Today, we take our race back!” Everyone cheered, and not surprisingly I got choked up. This was the first of a many times I would be emotional.

Before I knew it, we were off and running. It felt good to get the legs moving and finally be racing. My goal was to run the first 2 miles at about 7:00 or so and not faster than 6:50, then to drop to 6:50 until “the hills.” It was amazingly crowded, but I felt like the pace was good at the start. I consciously held back a few times when I felt the mass of runners push my desired pace a little. First 2 came in at6:57 and 6:53 (according to Garmin, so add a couple seconds if you wish). I felt good with these so I decided to stick to the plan and drop down to 6:50′s but hopefully nothing faster than 6:45, with one small caveat. Mile 3 was 6:47 (5k – 21:26, according to race clock).

I took a sip of Gatorade or water at each station. The next 3 miles seemed to fly by and were 6:50, 6:47, 6:41 (10k – 42:33). That 6th mile was a little quick, but I allowed myself the caveat that if the mile had a decent downhill I would allow a few seconds faster as long as I didn’t have to push the effort to be there. 3 more miles in and I was still feeling great. I took a gel some time between 6 and 7 and chased it with some water from the aid station. 6:44, 6:44, 6:45 (15k – 1:03:37). Somewhere around mile 6 I passed Team Hoyt, the father-son team where the dad pushes his son in his wheel chair. Another emotional moment. The dad is 74 and the son is 52 and this year will be their last Boston Marathon.

Before I knew it I was at the half way point and was still feeling great. I kept thinking to myself, “hydration is on, nutrition is on, feeling good.” 10-13 were 6:48, 6:44, 6:39 (decent down), 6:45. (20k – 1:24:36). So I crossed the half at 1:29:11, which is right where I wanted to be. I took another gel somewhere around 14 and I think that I poured a cup of water down my back somewhere shortly after the half. Honestly, up to that point I didn’t ever really feel hot. I obviously was warm, and I noticed that I started sweating pretty early on, but up to this point I had not thought I was overheating. I thought that I was hydrating sufficiently by consuming either water or Gatorade at each station.

I kept on running and only had one little niggle in my right calf. I could tell it was tightening a bit, but I have had enough experience with that pain now that I know it is nothing to worry about. Sure, I won’t walk well in 2 days, but I am good to keep running. 6:43, 6:49, 6:38 I knew I would be a little faster on 16 because of the down, but I held back knowing I could have easily gone faster. I wanted to just keep an easy effort down so I could hold the effort after it flattened and went back up. (25k 1:45:31).

I like to think that 17 is where the course changes to more uphill. To hit my goal, I had said that I was willing to run up to 5 miles at a 7:00 pace across the “Newton Hills.” 17 - 6:49, just banked 11 seconds and the effort felt good. 18 - 7:00, right where I intended. 19 - 6:53, 7 more seconds banked. 20 - 7:04, totally fine with that. 21 - 7:14, a little slow, but I didn’t want to completely run out of steam on Heartbreak. I crested the hill and still felt ok. Obviously, by now my legs are getting tired, but I thought the tough miles were behind me. (30k – 2:07:00, 35k – 2:29:14)

The downhill felt alright. I know that others have complained of the downhill being painful, but I didn’t really experience that at this point. I love running downhill and consider it one of my strengths. I had to shake the up out of my legs but I thought I would dip back under 7:00 pretty easily. 7:04, Ok, I can deal with that. I don’t feel great now, but the next one will be quicker and I am still a couple seconds below my goal average. This is where the pretty picture to this point gets destroyed.

Here are my thoughts as I tried to get my legs under me and back under 7:00. “Hmm…I don’t feel right. I have a slight headache and I might be a little dizzy. That is weird, my hands are tingling ever so slightly. Yup, I am dizzy.” I closed my eyes for a second to think what was going on. As I noted, I thought I was solid with my nutrition and hydration. I had tried to keep my core temp down. My eyes shot open as I stumbled a little to the left and felt a slight variation in the road. I felt like time slowed to a halt, my mind started racing (better than my legs at this point) with countless self defeating thoughts. “I’m falling apart.” “I don’t deserve to be running this epic race.” “I’m a hack.” And then… “Am I even going to finish?”

Thankfully, another series of thoughts followed and I realized I had 2 options, quit or push through. It wasn’t going to be easy. It surely wasn’t going to be pretty. However, I thought it was possible. So, I pushed on. By now, the bottoms of my feet felt like they were on fire, my hands were definitely tingling, and each time I closed my eyes things didn’t stay straight. I committed to not walk. Slow down, but never walk.

I honestly thought I was destined to collapse, hopefully not until after crossing the finish line, and end up in the med tent. I am sure I looked like a zombie (not the ones on World War Z – those were fast runners) to every spectator and especially to those gracious volunteers handing out water and Gatorade. I am happy to say that I stuck to it. Those several miles were some of the most miserable I have ever run. 7:31, 8:02, 8:39, 8:50, and brought it in in 3:13 (7:54 pace). And, I didn’t end up in the med tent!

So, Boston 2014 was an amazing experience! It was just awesome to be there and to run a 3:06. I feel like I ran my heart out and put in one of my best efforts to date. However, I am a little disappointed in the outcome. My training cycle was solid and I thought I had a sub-3 in me. I still think that I did, but unfortunately it didn’t play out that way. That is how it racing is sometimes. It can be unpredictable. One day you can be on, and the next you are not. Now, time to rest the legs and enjoy the summer racing some shorter races until another 26.2 in the fall!

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This past week I was excited to meet up with our good friends and take some pictures of their daughter Tessa. She is turning one this coming week and is a total sweetheart! Enjoy some of the goodness from Tuesday evening at the farm.


DSC_7546_insta DSC_7553_insta DSC_7563_insta DSC_7565_instaDSC_7607bw_social DSC_7571_insta DSC_7587_instaDSC_7615bw_social DSC_7634_insta

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