Happy Birthday to me – 31 miles

31 – 8:18avg

Last year I ran 30 miles for my 30th birthday. Seemed like a decent idea to keep up the tradition.

Felt pretty good the entire time. Had no real pace goal other than keeping it near 8:30. Just a long fun run was the plan. Gradually picked up the pace the second half and then pushed the last mile for giggles and to see how the legs were and finished mile 31 in a 6:44. Don’t know about 32 next year. But today was fun.

Thanks to Kenzie, Scott, and Brayden for coming to join me for some miles!


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SLCTC Winter Series 5k

18:35 – 19th overall – 1st in age

Slower than I had hoped but feel good about the effort. The wind was strong on the way back. I felt really good until about a mile left, typical for the 5k for me. I didn’t know, but Rob was right behind me until about a mile to go when he came next to me. I was happy to see him and he helped pull me to the finish. Kicked hard at the end and was happy to finish right in front. So, big thanks to Rob!

5:46, 5:51, 6:14, :41 – 18:33 – 3.12 – 5:55avg (all from watch) – Official results are in now and it was an 18:35.

Hard to say if this was a PR or not. i ran a 17:59 at murray last year, but the course was short. Today, the wind was howling. It progressively got worse as the morn drew on. So, I will consider the 18:35 my PR for now. Nothing fancy, but i am happy having only run 5 5ks.


Another kick to the finish photo…never looking good!

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New Year

I have never really cared for New Year’s resolutions. I have always been the “if you want to set a goal or make a change just do it now and don’t wait until the new year” kind of guy. However, I often find myself lost in contemplation. The beginning of a new year is as good a time as any to take a look back. I am constantly evaluating where I stand in regards to running. The following is where I stand today.

Three years ago I decided to buy my first pair of running shoes. Running changed my life. Fellow runners will understand, certainly more than others, what that means. If you need more of an explanation, join me for a long run and I would be happy to explain.

I have made some significant improvements and have achieved things I never thought I would in those three years. Yet, I feel like I am just being introduced to this mammoth beast known as running. I am a rookie with high hopes for the future. I finished 2014 off strong with just shy of 2500 miles and a solid base to roll into the new year. I have a goal to run my fastest marathon to date at Ogden in May. It is going to take a lot of work, but I feel like I have the necessary tools to do the work.

I am trying to see where I can work a little harder and tweak my training here and there. Typically, I run 6 days a week. 99.9% of the time I only run once a day. 6 days a week without any doubles (and a full-time job and family) naturally caps the number of miles I can log. So, I am trying to see where I can make adjustments to take the next step up.

I have never “cross-trained.” It  is not that I don’t think I could benefit from it. I am sure I would. It is just that the time I have carved out for running, I dedicate to running. I enjoy one day off a week. I feel like it helps me mentally. I am starting to wonder if I really need it though. Occasionally I log some easy miles on Sunday to loosen up from a strenuous long Saturday run or workout. I have found that I still get my mental break, but also start the week off with 4-5 miles. Yesterday, I hopped on the spin bike for 45 minutes. Again, there was no mental strain in deciding to hop on or not. It was quite refreshing to do something physical other than running. And, it didn’t cut into my running time.

Perhaps, I am simply writing this to digest it all for myself. Here seemed like a good place to do so. So, now I look forward. Here’s to another year.

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South Davis Turkey Trot…a 5k


Final kick to the finish.

So, last night a few things came to my mind that made me decide to essentially “buck up” and run a 5k this morning. I had decided I wasn’t going to run, but I am grateful that I did.

A while ago, Rob Murphy wrote a list and 2 things came to me last night: 1 – Don’t be afraid to race when you are not 100% ready. It’s good for you.; 2 – Sometimes you have to be satisfied with being 80% fit. Next, Josh told me a while ago that I needed to race more. He once said, “Practice makes perfect, and training is not practice.” Finally, I remembered my own goal to race more to become more comfortable with racing.

I showed up at the rec center and ran the course once as a warm up. I had not seen it previously and it turned out to have a little more elevation than I had expected. The first mile and a bit is a very slight downhill going north. A right turn sends you east up a gradual incline that is about 1/3 a mile. Another right turn sends you back south up a long gradual incline until about 2.9 where you turn back west down a slight downhill and into the finishing chute.

After previewing the course, I determined I would shoot for 6:00 for the first mile and then likely slow on the climb and give a kick the last .2. I had low expectations and figured I would be happy with anything close to 20 minutes. I have not run near the 6:00 pace since September and have just run easy since St. George as I have been dealing with a few nags and niggles. I felt good after my run on Tuesday, but didn’t want to push my luck.

I led down for the first .1 and then had a pack of high school kids pass me. I knew some were running the 10k but would have to wait until the mile mark to see how many peeled away when the 5k and 10k courses split. First mile came in at 5:52 and there were 5 of the high schoolers in front of me. Just before the first turn, one of the kids cramped up in the calf and stopped. I started up the first hill with 2 other high schoolers next to me. One faded and the other pulled ahead of me by 5 feet. I eased off the pace but held the effort.

Right after the turn back south I caught up and was side-by-side with the one high schooler that pulled away a little on the hill. I had talked to him before the race and he had told me that he would like to run somewhere between 18:30 and 19:00. Half a mile later I was feeling pretty good and I decided to pull away from him. I glanced at my watch once on that stretch and saw 6:15, about what I had expected. I decided to keep pushing seeing I was feeling surprisingly well.

I managed to clip off 2 more youngsters up the final climb and kicked to finish. I had not looked at my watch in almost a mile and had no idea where I was. I came in at 18:39 and surprised myself. 3rd was good enough for a 20lb frozen turkey.

Lessons learned – Rob and Josh are smart. Listen to them. Also, listen to yourself, go out and race and have fun. I got tired and was ready to be done, but it was the best I have felt in a 5k and it was a respectable time, especially considering my recent training.



A perfect frozen bird for third!


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Hey, did you know…?


Many of you know, and some may not, that I graduated from law school in 2013

However, beyond that, you might not know what I am up to now. So, I wanted to write this quick note to quash any belief you may have that my progression ceased after graduating. Also, your new-found knowledge about where I am and what I am doing just might help me out.
At the beginning of this year, I started working for Lowe Law Group. We are a small legal shop in South Ogden that primarily focuses on the area of personal injury law. Yes, I know, you are thinking, “Great, James is an ambulance chaser. His progression really did cease.” Before you hit delete and walk away from your screen, let me tell you a quick story about what led me here.
Three weeks after starting law school, I was sitting at a stop light, when instantly I was hit from behind by a vehicle traveling roughly 40 mph. I woke up, after being knocked unconscious, in quite a daze. ER visit, x-rays, CT scan, and 4 months of therapy later I was left with quite the stack of bills. Thankfully, an attorney helped me through the process and I quickly realized the invaluable service a personal injury attorney can provide.
I was able to work with some of the best attorneys as I finished up my degree. I joined the Lowe Law Group shortly after passing the Utah bar exam. I am working to build my practice as I help individuals who are in similar situations to the one I was in just a few years ago. Hopefully, now you are thinking, “Wow, I bet James is an amazing personal injury attorney because of his unique perspective having been in that accident and once being a client. I am going to refer everyone to him!”
I enjoy this work and I am striving to make a living and support my family doing it. Please check out our firm website at LoweLawGroup.com to learn more about us. If you have any questions at all about the types of cases we handle, don’t hesitate to contact me. I appreciate it!
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BAM Endurance – Balanced Art Multisport

For the second year in a row, I had the pleasure of taking photos for BAM. Balanced Art Multisport just announced its new endurance fitness club “BAM Endurance!” Check out this amazing company and new club at balancedartmultisport.com

DSC_1544_insta DSC_1518_insta DSC_1743_insta DSC_1914_insta DSC_1830_insta DSC_1760_insta DSC_1823_insta

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Cowley Family Photos

DSC_1282_insta DSC_1301_insta DSC_1308_insta DSC_1278_insta DSC_1314_insta DSC_1325_insta

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A challenge to EVERYONE! – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I challenge EVERYONE to ENJOY LIFE and HAVE FUN!!!

If you are able, please go to www.alsa.org/donate. Thanks!

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Jumpin’ rope!

A family that jumps rope together…
Growing up, my sister referred to our family as “The Fun Family” on our answering machine. We have always been a family that loves to play together. Sunday, we lived up to the name when we grabbed a rope and all started jumping in my parents driveway after dinner. It was an absolute blast! At one point, we even had 4 generations jumping at once.


DSC_0701 DSC_0710 DSC_0712 DSC_0716 DSC_0721 DSC_0724 DSC_0731 DSC_0735DSC_0694



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The Wrights

I was excited when the Wrights called me up and told me they would be in town for a few weeks and wanted to snag some photos. We used to live in the same apartment complex and now Steve is back killing it at Duke Law. Thanks for letting me capture some shots

1 2 6 5 4 3

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